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Entrepreneurship journey

I’ve started and had three successful exists on 2 internet businesses and 1 brick and mortar business.

Highlights - Founder and CEO of, a video sharing website that grew in viewership rapidly after launch. MyZine was one of the pioneers of video sharing online, and one of the major video sharing websites before YouTube was incorporated. MyZine.con saw 5,000 active daily views within 1 year. Successfully exited the business after just 1 year. - Founder and CEO of and all of its network sites. The forum membership grew rapidly and quickly saw 2,000 weekly active users. Successful exit in 2012. The site has since been renamed and grown further under its new owners.

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Airline Pilot

Currently a A320 Airline Pilot in Singapore, with >1,000 hours on the A320 and >3,000 total hours.

Also writing and mentoring at


Chief Technology Officer


Co-founded AsiaLawNetwork, and as the CTO of the company, led a team of off-site and outsourced developers to develop innovative and industry leading software for users on Instrumental in the design and development of Quick Consult, a product which was recognised as the Best Innovation Infocomm Product/Solution in Digital Services Category at Singapore Infocomm Technology Federation (SiTF) Awards 2017.

Intelligence Officer


Provided invaluable leadership in a specialised team to research, develop, staff and execute vital intelligence collection plans and activities. Coordinated, worked and brokered with multiple intelligence agencies at and beyond the RSAF.

Intelligence Officer


Provided valuable expertise in interpreting intelligence products, provided the international coalition military services, to ensure incident free operations by the RSAF KC-135 operations in the war against the Islamic State. Coordinated, worked and brokered with multiple nations during the conduct of operations.

Managing Director & Founder

Pawcation Pte Ltd

Handled finance, HR, business development. Delegated day to day operations to a Manager. Personally developed and coded a self-service booking system and a CRM, both of which are a first in this industry. The hotel booking website and the CRM increased productivity of our employees by reducing the number of man-hours required to make bookings and to manage room bookings.



SCD PTE LTD is the holding company for was coded in PHP. The website saw viral growth in readership which led to me hiring a team of off-shore coders to develop the iOS and Android App for

Fighter Weapons Instructor

144 SQN

Planned, staffed and executed several large scale RSAF exercises. Identified jobs and developed terms of references for these jobs.

Founder a forum for the 3rd Generation Subaru Impreza WRX. Oversaw the software development of the forum and marketed the community to car owners. Growth hacked the forum and the community to 15,000 members before being acquired in 2012.

Fighter Pilot

144 SQN

Planned, coordinated, briefed and executed several Large Force Employment operations and exercises as Mission Commander. These LFE operations required close coordination between agencies from the RSAF, RSN, the Army and forces from other nations.

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I am always open to making private investments and loans to Small Medium Enterprises. Feel free to contact me.