Pe Hon

Pe Hon

Pe Hon is a Tech Generalist who has worked in various departments, such as software development, Marketing & Solutions Architect. Pehon is an Investor who is currently invested in several projects in the Blockchain space. Pehon is also an Airbus A320 Airline Pilot based in Singapore.
Before he switched to becoming an Airline Pilot, he was the Chief Technology Officer atΒ, where he was instrumental in developing new and exciting products on the platform.
Before that, Pehon was a Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) fighter pilot where he served for 13 years and served as an intelligence officer in Operations INHERENT RESOLVE. Pe Hon taught himself to code during this time and successfully built and exited multiple businesses.
He is passionate about blockchain and finding new and better ways to do things. He is also an avid runner and a Hodler.


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Current Employment

Current Projects

Technical Skills

  • Programming Languages: Swift, Solidity, Javascript, PHP, Python, R
  • Technical Experiences: Ethereum Smart Contracts, iOS development, Web development, PHP Laravel, API integration